Marian’s Garden Corner – May 2020

What a beautiful spring we are having as a result of all the cool, wet weather we have had.  Our yards are green, and the flowering trees, shrubs, and spring bulbs have been lovely: I’m grateful to all you neighbors who have these plantings in your yards!

With our current weather, it is not too late to still divide and move any perennials in your yards.  Once your spring-flowering shrubs and trees are done blooming, they can be pruned, and the shrubs should be dead-headed to stimulate next year’s flower production and improve their summer appearance.  Again, do not prune them in the fall.

Please be aware that Haase is not contracted to fertilize our planting beds, treat our trees, shrubs, perennials, and flowers for pests or diseases.  Memorial Day and the beginning of June are the perfect time to do both.

If you have spring blooming flowers in your yard (crocuses, tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc.) and they have finished blooming, they can be dead-headed, but do not cut away their leaves until the leaves are brown.  The leaves, while still green, are needed to nourish the bulbs and roots for next year.

Please remember to not over- or under-irrigate your landscaping.  Irrigation does take monitoring all spring and summer.  We all need to be conscious of the water we use. We never receive a bill, but we are paying for it through our monthly dues.


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